August 16 2021

Prof. Richard M. Robinson, PhD
Department of Business Administration,
SUNY Fredonia

August 16, 2021


My new book, Environmental Organizations and Reasoned Discourse, (Palgrave-Macmillan) was published on July 6, 2021. I hope you purchase it, find it enlightening, and worthy of the price. It is published in Palgrave-Macmillan’s “Environmental Politics Series,” and I thank the scholarly editors (Joel Kassiola and John Barry).

I have also signed a contract for a Business Ethics text with Springer. The text is finished and should be published prior to Spring Semester, 2022. I will use it for that Semester. This text is a compendium of my lecture notes and assignments of the last fifteen years.

I have also begun to draft a new scholarly book proposal. I suspect it should be titled Restorations, since it will review and highlight the areas of concern program for restoration of 47 (or more) sites along the Great Lakes. This is a binational effort between the US and Canada for environmentally restoring the Great Lakes. The evidence indicates that this restoration effort has been, and is now an ongoing effective program. The methods used include the scientifically informed and detailed “remedial action plans” as motivated by local environmental organizations, and funded by federal, state, provincial, local government, and private moneys. I argue, these methods can be robustly applied to environmental restorations outside the Lakes’ area. For example, these methods might be effective for the restorations of (i) the polluted watersheds that feed into the Chesapeake Bay, (ii) the rivers of Northeastern Massachusetts, and (iii) the agriculturally polluted Missouri River. I suspect that these three diverse areas – there are many others that are also likely appropriate – should provide some interesting case analyses that should be considered for the areas of concern approach. To appropriately compose this book will require that I interview many of the true “heroes” who have been leading these local efforts. I am certainly looking forward to meeting these environmental leaders. I will also need to travel frequently for these interviews, and for the gathering of local information. As a consequence, I would greatly appreciate any communications from those familiar with these or other local environmental restoration efforts. I intend that the theme of this next book should focus on the local leaders, those capable of eliciting federal and other fundings, and who are capable of organizing and following a fully informed and rationally analyzed plan.

I have begun reading The New Climate, by Michael E. Mann. This volume, I suspect, might be a good addition to Joseph Romm’s Climate Change, and Oreskes and Conway’s Merchants of Doubt. I believe that these are necessary volumes for us to understand our perhaps delusional current world.

Richard Robinson

SUNY Fredonia

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